Sunday, 24 February 2013

101 Progress Check - February 24th 2013


Les Mills Combat is going well - I am doing my workouts every morning before work as this works better for me than doing them when I get back home. Today is a rest day - I was planning on swapping with tomorrow and doing Combat 60 this morning, but both boys were up way too early and there is no way I can face it this afternoon/evening.

I'm still going to be extra good though and do X-Stretch from P90X later as I think that'll do my legs the world of good. I did Tummy Tuck from Brazil Butt Lift on my other rest day, and am very pleased with how well I'm doing. So pleased in fact that I joined Ben to do the Bulk Shoulders workout from Body Beast yesterday afternoon (with very light weights of course).

After I've completed Les Mills Combat I think I may do the Body Beast programme (with light weights, I don't want to look like Sagi).

I've started doing some planning for our family weekend away and it's looking like I'll be booking for us to go to Europa Park (nearer than Disneyland Paris, much better value for money, and from reports it seems like it is a better option).

This morning I finally got round to reviewing my 101 list with a view to removing all items that I either don't actually want to do (go skiing etc), things that are really longer-term goals, or items that have no real way to measure them.

Things to be removed:

-    One on one time with boys (half day each a month) - my boys have said they would rather have big
     family days out rather than one on one time, so I'm not going to force them into this.
-    Develop boys independence - this is really a natural ongoing thing, there is no end to this so it is
     something that would never be crossed off the list.
-    Take a two week holiday with no children - after the successful big family holiday that we had last
     Summer, our boys really want to do this again, and as they are both tied into school holiday dates
     then it is pretty much impossible for Ben and I to fit in a two week holiday as well.
-    Eat the five a day for four weeks - I am following the nutrition plans that go with my workout
     programmes instead.
-   Try a Zumba class - what was I thinking, the only thing clapping me would be my butt?
-   Go skiing once - OK, so I live in Switzerland, this doesn't mean I want to go skiing.
-   Learn Spanish basics for holiday - it's looking like Mexico is off the cards (see two week holiday
    with no children above).
-   Go to a festival - not sure what the point is in us spending a small fortune to go to a festival when we
    are really only going for one (maybe two) of the acts, who we will only get to see perform for half
    an hour anyway. I'd rather wait until they are touring and spend the money going to see them play
    for longer
-   Fix up kitchen (UK) - not sure if we're planning on doing this before the end of the 1001 days, we
    may end up with a much bigger project further down the line so it makes sense to wait.
-   Learn Swiss German to an undecided level - I think I'll be better off trying to consolidate my High
    German knowledge, although I am struggling to find a level to aim for. Maybe I should just aim to
    be confident in general day-to-day conversation and vocabulary and phrases for emergencies.
-   Happiness binder - I have this set up and use it sporadically for things, but don't feel happy that I
    have completed anything by doing this.
-   Scrapbooking (physical or digital). Another task with no definite measures, bye...
-   Go to Mexico
-   Introduce one new Flylady habit per month - this is so not working for me, but I am doing my own
    thing using my Plannerisms planner.
-   Get ripped abs - I'm not totally giving up on this, however, I am not so daft as to think that all the
    excess skin from pregnancies is going to just disappear because my stomach muscles have

Things to be added:

-   One big family day out every month
-   Knit a scarf
-   Embroider a sampler
-   Write a poem
-   Read five banned books
-   Journal daily for two weeks (minimum of 15 minutes)
-   Drink a cup of Rooibos with honey daily for two weeks
-   Set up a recipe binder
-   Set up an events planner
-   Transfer all data from the Dodo Book of Christmas to the events planner
-   Set up playroom for boys now that they are sharing a bedroom
-   Scrapbook three photos of the boys
-   Write a short story for the boys
-   Keep to a basic household routine using my Plannerisms planner.
-   Complete Les Mills Combat workout programme
-   Donate to charity (sponsoring someone who I would sponsor anyway doesn't count)

There are a couple of other items still under review, but I need to discuss those with other people first, so leaving them as they are for now.

Unfortunately I can't add any links to the post today, as my internet seems to be having a fit about something... oh well :-)

Have a great week,


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