Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year, New Dividers!!!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had a fabulous time.

As for me, with two young boys who don't value sleep that highly, I didn't stay awake to welcome in the new year in, but that meant that I didn't have a hangover on New Year's Day and meant I had some energy for the day itself, to enjoy my time. Yay!!!

With the help of my Silhouette Cameo and the button pressing skills of my little helper I made some basic filofax dividers, using various scrapbooking papers. The templates were easy to pull together (although I may need to alter the A5 ones slightly as the tabs are rather large).

Here are the first attempts, cut from Mariposa paper (quite heavy) which I got from Mayflower1990 on eBay.
A5 6 Divider for Work Setup
Personal 4 Divider for Personal Setup

I chose to do these ones first as these are what I needed for my setups.

When they were finished I showed Marcus (the damaged child) who immediately asked if the personal ones were for him to put in his new Filofax - who could say no to that gorgeous little face?

Cheeky, crazy filofax nut on the left, and my gorgeous
more sensible boy on the right
Using my FF A5 metal hole punch (weird one, see photos) I put holes in the A5 dividers. Unfortunately, having left my Rapesco 6 hole punch at work I had to Marcus' ones with my single hole punch (there is no way he would wait until today, such a patient boy), so they are a touch large, but still fine.
Looks like a standard metal hole punch (the sort
I really struggle to use)

Made in Sweden - this is the front, straight up with no
angled lever handle thing going on

And the back... simple and yet so effective :-)

I didn't put any tape on the tabs of these dividers as they are reasonably sturdy, and to be honest, they're not really here for the long term. However, colour-wise they go beautifully with the Domino Snakes.

My A5

Marcus' personal
Marcus is very proud of his new filo and dividers and he has already started jazzing up his plain dividers. Here is his saltwater crocodile :o)

Next up it was time to try for the three sets from six sheets, as I worked out you can fit an A5, a personal and a pocket divider on one sheet, and now have files that I can use to cut each divider from. File 1 contains divider 1 for A5, personal and pocket, file 2 contains divider 2 for each size, etc.

As these were cut from a much thinned paper I used Scotch tape on the tabs to give them a bit of protection.

A5 and personal - thankfully you can't see the holes on
all the dividers as in my excitement of finishing them
when I got home this evening I punched the personal ones
with the setting on pocket... luckily I did the back 3
first - oops!!!
Pocket size in all their glory
I am quite pleased with my results, and pleased that I can now cross another challenge off my 101 in 1001, although I am sure this is just the beginning. Next stop may be to change the templates to include a pocket on the back.

One last pic as it is cute. Marcus had the offcuts from the first sets of dividers so I came home to this on the table...
Raiding his new pirate stickers and the craft box
What did you do on New Year's Day?



  1. I was all over the places yesterday. Found out that my Day on a Page set up it's too much for me and that I can probably use it as a food journal or a journal itself for each day... Decided to use my pocket unknown binder for my food and excercise log because it's portable and since I'm going on vacations I need something like that.

    Love your dividers. I'm always worried about the tabs getting damaged because thet touch the pen and get bend and stuff. (u.u) I thinks the solution it's put them on top or bottom LOL

  2. I found a day to a page too much for me as well - although I had put in a ridiculous number of sections in it when I tried to do that... I don't find the side tabs bother me too much, but I will be making some basic top tabs soon to go into my projects section to separate them :o)

  3. Wow, they look so cute - the dividers and the boys!

    I keep meaning to make some dividers for my FF family - have bought some pretty paper, but never seem to get around to it.

    1. Thank you - but don't let those cute faces fool you, they are munchkins :o)

      It's taken me ages to get round to making any dividers, but now it is so quick and easy to do I think I may end up changing mine quite regularly :o)

  4. These look fabulous! I have divider envy! Nicely done!!!

    1. Thank you :-) Looking forward to cutting my top tabs, not sure which papers to use though...

  5. These are great. I need to make A5 ones, did you have a template for the Silhouette or did you make them? I can't find any good templates. Thanks!

    1. Sorry for the delayed response . I haven´t been blogging for a while so didn´t see this message (not sure where my notification for this one went). I made my own templates, and am happy to send you the files I used if you still need them x

  6. I'd be interested in your divider template for the silhouette :) these are beautiful!

    1. If you leave me your email address I'll forward them to you x

  7. I love these! You wouldn't happen to still have the personal size cut file for the Cameo would you?

  8. I would love the file for a personal filofax! I am sure my cameo can cut them better them me!

  9. I would love the file for a personal filofax! I am sure my cameo can cut them better them me!

  10. I would love the file for a personal filofax! I am sure my cameo can cut them better them me!