Sunday, 6 January 2013

101 List Progress Check - 6th January 2013

Hi everyone - I hope you've all had a great first week to start your new year.

As for me, it's been hectic (work) and fun (weekend), and I am now barely able to keep my eyes open to type this post, so I apologise now if random words appear (or disappear) and it all makes no sense at all.

I have managed to complete my two weeks of taking my lunch into work with me, and will hopefully be able to start regularly spending less on my lunch each day.

I have completed my challenge to make Filofax dividers in different sizes, as blogged here.

The No Shopping challenge is still going strong, and I am confident that I can do this. There are only three weeks left, and I have some Christmas money to spend, and as that was a present to me for the purpose of me buying something I would like, then  to spend this allowed, no? My fingers are itching to start searching Paperchase and Art Box to see what amazing sale items I can find :o)

Last night I went to see Ben's band (The Real Deal) perform in the final of the Rock Highway competition. It was a fantastic night and there were 10 bands to see (most of which were very good, so the standard was very high). Unfortunately The Real Deal didn't win, but they were still very happy with the night as they performed very well. I got home at 3:30am, hence the inability to think today. I'm still trying to decide whether this counts as having go to see a concert, as it wasn't a traditional concert with a support act and the main act. However, it kicked off at 8:30, finished about 2:30am, and featured ten bands... it was a long night :o)

It's almost time to start on the new fitness regime (quite a traditional thing to do in the new year). I think I'm going to start this coming week by completing my three dance sessions in one week challenge, followed by the four Wii Fit/My Fitness sessions in one week challenge.

Once these two challenges are done I intend to start on my Beachbody workouts again, I just need to plan which programme/hybrid to do. I will be taking a leaf out of Amanda's book, from the blog Paper Pens Ink, and set up an exercise reward chart, and reward myself with stationery. That will achieve two things... Firstly it will be encourage me to be frugal, as it will stop me buying stationery I like just because I want it, and it should give me enough motivation to keep up with the exercise, so I have some chance of getting those ripped abs I promised myself.

I may have to change another of my challenges... I planned to take my boys to see three shows, and took them to The Batman Show last year. I thought they would love to have a family weekend in London, where we could take them to see The Lion King, and Shrek in the West End. Unfortunately I mentioned it to them and they really don't seem to want to go... I may try them with the idea again soon and see if I get a different response (we have time to go away in February in the school holidays), but if they still don't want to see them I will have to think of something else.

Off to get the kids stuff sorted ready for being back to school tomorrow.

Have a great week,



  1. Hi there! Thanks for the name-check! I am completely "finding the inner child" with the reward stickers!! :-)
    Good luck with all your plans.

    1. Thanks Amanda. I'm really looking forward to getting my butt in gear this year :-)

  2. So have you made your purchases yet, using your Christmas money?? I'm hoping that we'll be seeing a post about the new goodies (fingers crossed)!

    1. I have spent half of it - awaiting my trip to the UK in a couple of weeks to collect my goodies, one is a freebie and one is something I have bought and can't wait to get. I still have some to spend so may order some more scrapbooking papers :-)