Sunday, 7 April 2013

Daily Planner Setup

I am very excited to share this post.

I think there will  be a few surprised people by the end of this post - don't worry, I haven't moved away from Filofax as my planner of choice, but I have setup my planner using things that I just haven't been able to get to work for me before.

After my total failure to set up my personal planner I spent 10 minutes planning, to work out exactly what I need in my personal setup... so, here is what I discovered (again) in summary... outside of work I have no life, and therefore don't need a lot in my planner. Bear in mind that all my exercise, food, cleaning and other routine type logs for the time go in my Plannerisms planner.

With the little amount of personal stuff that I need it makes more sense for me to keep my personal stuff in with my work planner (gasp!!!). Hang on, haven't I been here before? Didn't I say that as I don't need my work filo at home then I can't keep my personal stuff in it? Isn't flipping to my personal to do section something that never happened when I tried this before? Er... yes, yes and yes, in that order :-)

As I use an A5 for work and cannot bring myself to try to downsize to personal for work, this means that I will have to lug around a rather full (another shock to my system I can tell you), heavy, A5 :o(  Suck it up girl!!! Man up and get on with it!!!

So, let's see what happened. Firstly, which love did I choose to be my companion on this arduous quest? Why, the magnificent Holborn Zip of course. I find that the zipped Filofaxes are just so much better for me for work, and Mr Lyndhurst (as lovely as he is) just doesn't fulfil my personal needs as well.
My beautiful A5 Holborn Zip
Handy pocket on the outside for carrying docs to meetings
or for travel
Of course, pride of place we have the essential Philofaxy business card. I also have a small plastic bag for carrying bits that I happen to need.

At the very front I keep a small pile of punched funky A6 notepaper pages in case I think of shopping lists to write. In the credit card pockets I have various plain but funky post-its. 

Then we come to the dividers, nothing fancy about these at all. They're not even labelled properly. All I have done is use Post-It arrow tags to show where each section is.

I have six sections currently...

Lists, with top tab sub-sections for "read this", "listen to this", "clothing", "watch this", "investigate this", and "101 Project".

         These are mainly to write down ideas from blogs that I read, or Facebook, or any other random
          thought processes.

Food planner - fairly self explanatory, but not actually used yet, so let's see what happens with this one.

Blog planner - literally just a list of posts that I need to do. No plans or outline, when they should be posted or anything sensible and organised like that (I admire people who manage to do that).

 Capture pages - just pages to write down things that I need to do or think about. These mainly come from emails at work, but are, in theory for my personal things to do. I must try to remember to write
these down.

Next up is the diary section, and this is where we find the biggest surprises...
     i)   a vertical diary, despite deciding here that this layout doesn't work for me. Having seen the
          pictures that Robyn Placek (I think it was) posted on Facebook I couldn't get this layout out
          or my head

    ii)  colour coding!!! Don't get me wrong, I've always loved colour coding and believe that it can be
         put to great use, it's just that whenever I've used it I've given up because I've never been able to
         remember what any of the colours are for.

Somehow I have managed to overcome my Wednesday issues (being too close to the rings to write in), and have finally found a colour coding system that is working for me - with my wonderful Frixion pens.

I have used one of the tips from Kent from Oz, and added small post-its to one side of my today marker and thought my hotlists from Imy of imysworld would be the perfect addition for the other side

I have even added relevant stickers, which I am quite excited by :-)

Behind the diary section I have my projects section, which I use purely for my work projects. Technically my 101 list could go in this section, but I wanted to keep it separate. Really I guess the Lists section is for me personally, and the Projects section is for my work.

I have also kept the A-Z dividers in here. Originally they were left there because I couldn't be bothered to take them out, but they are quite handy for random stuff, eg holiday dates/notes (for work planning purposes).

In the back I have a few stickers and have just added a red Moleskine cahier notebook which is the perfect size to slip in the back pocket.

So far this set up is working really well for me (including my busy week last week shown below :o)

 Long may it continue...   



  1. Wonderful!!!I love to use the A5 zipped Holborn for my job :o))

    1. Thanks for stopping by Chrissie :-) The A5 zipped is totally awesome :-)

  2. That is a nice looking binder. It looks really practical. I hope you love the new set-up.

    1. Thank you. It is definitely a keeper :-)

  3. Very nice..I just received the personal Holborn and use as my wallet/budget planner. Love it so much I am considering the A5 for my work planner. Great set up.

    1. I can definitely recommend the A5 zipped one - it is amazing :o)

  4. Great set up, i'm still using my A5 Holborn Zip, been in use now for around 9 mths I think, I love it!!

    My set up on the other hand changes all the time, I never seem to settle on anything and i've been a bit lazy with it for the last few weeks hence a missed dental app and fingers crossed when I finally find my hairdresser app card i've not missed that :-0

    1. I haven´t had this setup for long, but now I´ve found something that works I´ll probably be too lazy to change it at all, or at least until the next itchy feet moment... lol x

  5. Been keeping everything in a personal Malden - but oh! this makes me want to switch back into one of my A5 binders! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Love the personals for their portability, but A5s rock :o)

  6. I like your post-it flags for sections. Practical!

    1. Thank you - I can change whenever I feel like it (although since I have set this up I haven´t moved it round at all) - maybe I´m just having a lazy phase :-)