Friday, 12 April 2013

Planner Planning - Which Ones to Use For What...?

This was fun and has given me lots more things to add to my to do lists (although I think I need to concentrate on my 101 in 1001 first, before trying to fit any more onto my plate).

After reading Laura's list of 105 Uses for a Filofax over on her blog (and before anyone gets clever, no, frisbee is not on there!!!), I thought it was about time that I actually list the plans that I have for my filofaxes, and start to make it happen.

I already had some plans, but reading the list inspired me to plan a few more...

Daily Planner (work & personal, brown A5 Holborn Zip) I posted about this new set up here last weekend.

Craft Fax (A5 Domino, not sure which colour yet)
     -     knitting info
     -     embroidery
     -     scrapbooking
     -     fonts directory
     -     sticker storage (or I may set up a separate Filofax for that)
     -     washi tape samples

Photo Album of my boys (probably in an A5 Domino) - this will be particularly for photos of them when they were still babies, although I need to try to get some baby photos of my oldest boy from other people as I can't find mine, and all my copies were on my laptop which got left on the train, never to be seen again.

Events Planner (A5 vintage pink Finchley)
     -     Christmas planning (sheets from Dodo book of Christmas)
     -     birthdays (including space to put cards/postcards ready to use)
     -     holidays and travel plans
     -     names and addresses (these already live in this binder, and I'm most likely to use
                   them when I am doing cards, rarely any other time)

Face-O-Fax (personal, possibly teal Ava as it's a bit wider)    -     like an address book, but with photos and information about the person.

Doodle-Fax - obviously I will need to buy a Doodle to fulfil this one, it would be wrong not to :o)

Gratitude Journal (personal aqua Finsbury) - I have started this a number of times, but never manage to keep it up for more than a week.

Greetings Cards Storage (A5 Chameleon, not sure which colour) - to keep special cards that we have received.

German Language (personal navy Portland?)
     -     vocabulary by type
     -     verbs and the conjugation of
     -     tenses and sentence structure differences

Letter Writing (A5 purple Malden or mustard Finchley)
     -     paper and envelopes
     -     stamps and mailing stickers
     -     pen pal info (name, address, birthday, personal info)
     -     dates written/received

Little Book of Calm (personal pink Winchester)
     -     10 minute things to do to help feel calm
     -     sources of calm
     -     calming foods
     -     calming drinks (I often find a large Bailey's does the trick, but I'm not sure that counts...)
     -     calm thoughts and quotes

Journal Fax (A5 jade Finchley)

General photo albums - personal Dominos

Pin-O-Fax (A5 purple Malden or mustard Finchley), a bit like Pinterest, with categories for:
     -     Filofaxes
     -     cakes
     -     food
     -     stationery
     -     holidays
     -     mood boards
     -     clothing

Religion Filo (not sure which) - I want to learn about lots of different religions (not in huge detail, just enough to understand their main principles and beliefs) and would like to dedicate a filofax to this.

Emergency Grab Fax ( A4 brown Metropol)
     -     birth certificates
     -     everything super important (I have a list somewhere of all the things I need to include)
     -     especially radiation tablets

Filofax of Filofaxes (pocket ochre Malden, unless I decide to include photos, then I will go to the personal size) - this will contain a page for each of the Filofaxes that I have bought with all relevant information about each one.

Bills to Pay and Filing (A5 ochre Malden - just because it's so fat)

School Letters and Filing (A5 black Lyndhurst Zip)

Recipe Filo - I'm not too sure about this one as I bought a Moleskine recipe notebook a while ago, and so should give this a try, but we'll see...

Blog Posts (A5 Domino - although I may be better off with an A4 ring binder)

Wallet - this is my black mini Chameleon, and although I occasionally move out, it's never for very long.

Wow - so potentially I could have 22 in use (well more I guess, because there will be more than one photo album).

I am quite excited now :o)



  1. Love the little book of calm. Reminds me of Black Books hehe x

    1. I just wonder how stressed out I will make myself trying to set it up to be perfect - ha ha ha!!!

    2. It will be fine cos all you'll need to do is swallow it, like Manny and then you'll start quoting it ;D ahh this post has made me want to watch Black Books now xxx

    3. I'm going to have to try to watch it as I have no idea what you are talking about :-D x

  2. I get a mention!!
    I love this, such a great post (considering i don't usually read anothing which doesn't have a picture in it!)
    Such good ideas for filofax uses, i also use my A5 Finchley in Jade as my journal (copycat :P)

    1. :-) For the journal it was going to be the Mustard or the Jade, but the Jade got it as it's more calming than the Mustard. So I will have my 3 A5 Finchley's put to good use, and looking gorgeous :-)

  3. Twenty-two Filofaxes in use at once? Wow!

    1. That's the plan, I have no idea when I'll actually get them set up though lol x