Saturday, 6 April 2013

Tivoli and Rymans - Two Places I Love

OK - maybe love is a bit excessive, but I love going to them both :-)

This is just a quick post (mainly photos) to show my hauls from Tivoli (shopping centre about 20 minutes from home) and Rymans who I visited while I was at the Philofaxy meet up in London.

Goodies from Tivoli...
Plastic card holders and A6 document holders, all bought
in the hope that I could do something with them for my
Filofaxes (super cheap from Migros supermarket)

Personal sized card inserts and quadrille paper all
reduced from a shop that sells a bit of everything,
and these were discounted so very cheap
A5 quadrille paper from the same shop, more discounts
New stapler and uniball pens in various colours (not so cheap)
Stickers!!! Multicoloured dots and hole re-inforcers
 Next we come to the stuff from the stationery department in Manor, I go in here almost every Saturday...

Pretty notebook (it's a shame that the sticker doesn't
come off easily though)

Plain on one side and lined on the other, perfect for
journalling, or just sketching and making notes

Vespa notebooks - I couldn't resist these

Another funky notebook, and some cute paperclips 

A better shot of the paperclips

Inside back cover of notebook

Inside front cover of notebook
And now for the Ryman's goodies that I got in London. Ryman's was just across the road from Vapiano's where we met up for lunch so it meant I had time to go in there before the meet up, and here are the bits I picked up while I was there.

Foam pads & glue dots ready for my scrapbooking attempts

Pack of 3 red Moleskine cahier notebooks, perfect
for slipping in an A5 Filofax

Ryman's own brand notebook - this is quite Moleskine-esque,
the paper feels nice though I haven't tested it out yet, and
the cover feels nice.
 As we popped into Artbox at the end of our London meetup, it would have been wring if I didn't buy anything, so I got these super cute Little Red Riding Hood phone charms, which are unlikely to make it to my phone :o)


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