Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Personal Setup Palaver

Hi all,

As some of you may recall from this post on FB back in the middle of March I had decided I needed to set up a personal planner again...

"I am so rubbish at organising my personal stuff. Because I have just moved back to an A5 for work, my personal stuff isn´t actually anywhere. My 101 at the moment is focused on exercise, so I have everything that I actually use in my Plannerisms planner at the moment. As far as personal organisation goes, if it ain´t exercise, it ain´t getting done... My addresses are still in my A5 Finchley that I set up eons ago as a household filo, but is now only used for addresses, my fitness programmes (apart from the one I am currently doing) are all in my ochre Malden (being ignored as I don´t need them), my happiness binder is happy with what it has in it, but isn´t so happy about the fact that I have (again) stopped writing in it... with work stuff I am generally very good, personal stuff, nothing seems to get done... Sorry for the long post, just seem to have hit a wall..."

It took me another week or so before I sat down to do the task. I pulled out a load of inserts ready to start my set up, and got a bad case of planner block. I spent 30 minutes trying to set up a "carry everywhere" filo, and got precisely nowhere.

Figuring it was time to take a break before I drove myself totally insane I checked my list of things to do for the day, and what was the main thing that was outstanding?... yep "Plan personal setup" - doh!!!

Less haste, more speed!!!

A couple of days later I spent 10 minutes and had planned my planner setup, felt much happier, and was ready to set up my planner.

Stay tuned for the post of my new setup :o)


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