Friday, 19 October 2012

Ooh - something new?

Wow!!! Look what arrived from Jen... picture heavy post I'm afraid - like everyone hates that... :o)

In his box, but what colour is he?
My A5 Cuban - isn't he gorgeous? He's smooth, sophisticated and smells divine :o)

Chilli Cuban from the front - check out that fabulous
contrast stitching
Why he's chilli of course - the colour on this is the most deep, luxurious red. It is simply beautiful, and I have coveted one of these for some time now. I am so pleased to have finally been able to get my hands on one.

Inside - plenty of card slots, nice zipped pocket and a
notepad slot at the back  

Viewed from the back - the contrast stitching here is even
more effective 

A shoddy photo I'm afraid - but I love how
the contrast stitching runs the length of the
spine and goes around the Filofax f
Here's a quick comparison of Mr Chilli alongside the rest of my red brigade (although the colour differences aren't showing up so much in the photo...).

The only one deeper than Mr Chilli is the delightful ruby Deco.
Mini Topaz is much brighter.

Usually I am tempted when I get a new filo to move into it immediately and give it a trial run, but unfortunately he has arrived at just the wrong time as I am still totally awestruck by the ruggedness of Mr Kendal.

My only worry with the Cuban is that he will get killed in my workbag.

I am considering using him with nice respectable paper for journalling, but I think a bound book would suit me better for that (although I am more than happy to only write on one side of the paper...).



  1. They look gorgeous, i've tried journaling in my Filofax but always end up back in a bound journal :-)

    1. Thank you :-) It's tempting to try the fill route, but I'm really not convinced I'll be able to stick it out...

  2. I love my A5 Cuban and it has so far held up to being bashed about in a handbag for over 12 months with just a few dints. I love stroking the smooth, soft leather and if I'm conservative with how much I load in it, lightweight enough to carry pretty much everywhere. Enjoy

    1. Ooh, I may be brave then... thanks for the info :-)

  3. LJ, you had me cracking with your "red brigade"! :)
    And sparkling with green envy, too, to be honest! :)
    Congratulations on your new one! I use a Personal filo as my journal and love it because I can add pages and other stuff later... give it a try and let me know how it works out! :)

    1. Thanks Vanjilla - I may put a load of cotton cream lined paper in him and see how it goes :o)

  4. OMG! I LOVE that red deco! *looks at her Ebony* .... :/

    And the Cuban's leather is SOOO nice! Congratulations on your new Filofax. :)

    1. Thanks Yu :-) I'm still trying to decide what to use it for, for it's trial run...