Monday, 15 April 2013

City Organiser - Last Time Buy...

Sad times... at the time of writing this post City Organiser's online shop is no more, and the store in Bow Lane will be closing very shortly, by the time this post is completed the store will have closed it's doors for the last time.

I never had the good fortune to visit the shop, but I have had great service from them online previously. As they were closing down and had some great online offers, I though it only right that I should make up for never visiting by buying a stack of stuff from them.

I shall let the pictures do most of the talking today as there is just way too much to write about all of it.

The two main coveted items (that I must have put in my basket about 100 times previously) and finally saw in the flesh at the Philofaxy meet up were these two babies below...

It's quite a big box, so we're assuming A5
Can you guess what it is yet?

Loops are top and bottom instead of at the sides, how odd - and
why did I not already know this?

One minor ring issue, but I'm sure it's fine :-)
the gorgeous Osterleys - grey A5 and compact orange.

These two were top of my futures Filofaxes list, and at these discounts I wasn't going to hang about.

Once these two beauties were done (the main purpose of my visit to the website) it was time to look at inserts etc. The following is just a stack of photos of what I chose...
Deskfax inserts (which I had totally forgotten I'd ordered)
Really bad picture, sorry - you'll have to believe me when I
tell you that these are A5 cream ruled paper and zip lock envelopes

Personal plain cotton cream (ready for printing) and pocket
zip lock envelopes

City Organisers own brand pocket sized reminder sets, so
cute, and very cheap so I just had to get lots of them :-)
Then came the Moleskine onslaught:
Hobbit ruled and plain notebooks that I've wanted since before
they released them
What self-respecting female wouldn't want
one of these?
And this was an essential - another one
that I wanted before they were released

On sale and places I intend to visit :-) And some plain cagier
notebooks (somehow I have managed again to choose plain
instead of ruled - I am an idiot. Never mind, they will get used.
By the time this little lot was in my basket I wasn't far off the spend required to push it up into the next discount bracket. So bravely I added this gorgeous darling, which basically made it free :-)

My compact black Holborn - this my make me move out of my mini Chameleon as a wallet for a while...

Also, with each of the Filofaxes I got a free pen (one was hiding when it was photo time, clearly a little camera shy), so I will leave you with my favourite pic...



  1. Hi LJ! Just lovely! And Oh my.. I'm jealous at your A5!!! I have picked up during their clearance two (!) Personal sized Osterleys in plum and grey... Love the grey!!! I wish I'd gotten it also in A5 size. I'm currently using the A5 Osterley in Brown.

    I'm not in either one of the Osterleys as of yesterday... I moved straight into my Personal Regency in brown and it's already stuck!

    Good luck with your new babies!

    1. Hey Lady Filo :-) Personal in plum - now that is one gorgeous filo!!!

  2. Was looking for cream A5 ruled notepaper for Filofax Kendal (for use as travel journal), but link to City Organiser returned 403 Error page, so, puzzled, googled ... and found your blog. Genuinely saddened to learn City Organiser is no more; always got better deals and service from CO than from equivalent sites ...

    1. It is such a shame :-( I never had the opportunity to go there, but had ordered from them over the phone before and they were so helpful.