Thursday, 2 August 2012

30 Lists in 30 Days - List 19

Inventions I wish were real..
  •     Bernard’s watch (I never saw this, but James told me all about it and we figured it was
      the best invention ever.
  •     time machine (without the bad effects of screwing up history and stuff).
  •     cars that you programme to take you from A to B, and do all  the driving and thinking
      for you so you can sit and read.
  •     upgraded to a camper van...
  •     a beam for your car that you can use to move the car in front of you to:
  1.       if they are driving really badly... the middle of a desert
  2.       if they are just ridiculously slow... to the next service station, and won’t let them back
         onto the road until after you have gone past.
  •     a filter for brain to mouth action
  •     a self tidying and cleaning house (including all appliances)

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