Thursday, 2 August 2012

30 Lists in 30 Days - List 23

If I won the lottery...
-     do the usual sensible thing of making sure my family have what they need
  •     consider having another baby.
  •     buy a house here in Rüthof, with a garden (unless the boys wanted to live somewhere else). 
  •     have a few big holidays (initially)
         -      family to Centerparcs again, but maybe in the posh accommodation
         -      Mexico with Ben for two weeks
         -      Vegas (a week or a long weekend)
         -     Disney off-peak
  •     get married quite quickly, without silly amounts of planning
  •     take a sabbatical
    Lifestyle changes
  •     stop working full-time
  •     take some cookery lessons - I used to love to cook
  •     if not possible to work part-time for DEK consider other options
         -     volunteer work
         -     low paid job doing something I would like to do
  •     travel more - a new country once a year (even if it’s just a weekend break)
What would you do?

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