Friday, 17 August 2012

Ooh – New Pretty/Functional Things…

Wow, wow, wow!!!
Last week was a fabulous week for me. Not only did I get my boys back after their holiday at Dad & Jo’s (my dad, not theirs – he was with me enjoying the peace and quiet), but when I got there to pick them up I had fun stuff waiting for me :o)
Alison had blogged here that she was selling some of her precious Filofaxes, and mentioned that she may also be parting with her raspberry Compact Chameleon… Now, I don’t have a compact (apart from the Pennybridge, but I don’t count that as it’s more of a purse), so it would be rude not to put myself forward as a potential owner for said compact in case Alison did decide to sell. Luckily for me, soon after I asked Alison to keep me in mind if she did take the leap, I received an email saying that it was indeed going to be leaving her and was I still interested? Of course!!!
Here is the stunningly attractive Cassie the Chameleon in all her compact beauty - I’ve not named any of my other filos, so don’t know why I had the overwhelming feeling that she should be called Cassie, but there you go!!! I think it’s the whole compact and beautiful thing, and I know someone who fits that description and she is called Cassie.

She has arrived complete with the Swedish/Danish insert that I love so much more than the UK ones (who wouldn’t?). And check out her dividers…
I also had a present from Graham, who plays badminton with Dad & Jo, which he dug out for me after he heard that I love all things Filofax. Check this out…

It is an insert holder (holds personal size inserts) from Time Management International from a course that he went on. It cam complete with dividers for the holder (I’m not sure what all the symbols mean), a few plastic dividers that will fit in a personal Filofax, and various inserts.

I am really looking forward to storing my inserts in here. Maybe I will move back into a personal filo for a while so I can try and use them properly J
My third parcel (yes, I am a very lucky girl), was one that arrived while I was at Centerparcs, but his was the first time I’d been to Dad’s since to be able to get it.
This is what Alison sent me as a thank you for the Sunflower Piazza that I sent to her... TA DA!!!
Huge stash of scrapbooking stuff!!!
Boy stuff ready for pictures of my little chaps
The pretty stuff for doing pretty things with :o)
I am so pleased to have got these – I now have papers, brads, ribbon, buttons, photo frame, letters, stickers and everything I could possibly need for my first scrapbook project, and for many others if I don't do too badly on on my first attempts. I am so looking forward to printing out a photo of my two gorgeous boys to use, and when it is finished it can live on my desk at work.
Signing off with huge thank yous to both Alison and Graham for their kindness and thoughtfulness.


  1. Your very welcome, look forward to seeing your first attempts :) x

    1. Trying to get my house sorted at the moment (it seems that clutter hell has taken over at the moment), and will definitely be on the case once that is sorted - so excited!!!

  2. Gorgeous Compact Filofax! I love the top tabs on it. The organizer is really cool too. Looks like you might be busy soon, with scrapbooking! Enjoy!

    1. Oh yes - I am looking forward to it very much :o)

  3. Beeeeeautiful!!!!! I love the compact raspberry! CONGRATS! :)