Saturday, 25 August 2012

101 List Progress Check - 25th August 2012

And here goes for the latest update...

Supplements... woohoo!!! I now have three completely empty tubs, and a couple that are started so I think I'm good to say I'm done, although I will obviously continue to take them to use up all the ones that are in the cupboard. :o)

I have read The English Patient, which was a book with really interesting characters and left you wanting more - so I have now read five of the ten prizewinner books that I have to read.

I started to de-clutter our apartment last weekend - it's something I've been meaning to do for ages and just never got round to, but having read David Allen's Getting Things Done book I felt it was time to at least get started. There is still a lot of paperwork in the cupboard to be filed properly, but I know that there is no paperwork that I have anything outstanding to do with. I now have all the paperwork that was lying in various random spots about the place in three trays - bills to pay (thankfully this is a very small pile as I am good at paying bills monthly and on time), filing, and requires action.

As part of this de-cluttering and wanting to create space generally we went to IKEA (again) and bought some drawers to go in the bottom of our wardrobe and some shelves so that all out tops could be folded up and put in it. I threw out all my clothes that don't fit me or that I have no use for and freed up three drawers worth of space (one of which was rapidly filled with scrapbooking supplies) - so I can now mark off the task "Clean out my Closet" as done - yay!!!

Today I went to town to buy a few things to help with my filing, so had a good hunt around in Thalia and found a few essential pieces...

Monthly dividers and alphabet dividers
And being on my own at the time I also managed to find a few pieces that have nothing to do with my filing at all, but are obviously totally essential to my Filofax habit...

A5 notebook, 2013 A5 Year Planner, white sticky labels and rainbow pencils
(three as I figured the boys would steal mine if I only got one) 
Side view of the notebook - 8 colours
Not a very good photo unfortunately, but the sheets are perforated for easy removal,
the paper is quadrille with a header box at the type in the same style as the Filofax
notes pages
 This paper is fabulous, although thin - the make is Miquelrius from Spain. One thing about living in Switzerland is that you pay a huge premium on most things, especially paper products for some reason, but sometimes I just see it and have to have it there and then without the hassle of going home, finding it on the internet, getting it shipped to here and then having to pay a separate bill for duty. It often is still cheaper to do things this way, but is just to painful sometimes to make that kind of effort - and you miss out on the instant gratification that sometimes a girl just needs.

I tried to get a picture of the scrawl from the rainbow pencil, but it doesn't show up well in the picture. Needless to say it will feature in a future post when I use it properly :o)

One last pic before I finish...

This was the view from our balcony when we got home from shopping!!!
Off now to do a bit more de-cluttering before I can sit down to set up my home A5 filo :o)

Have a good week.



  1. You've gotta sneak some extra bits in lol, well done for getting started, i've been having a massive tidy up these last few weeks :)

    1. Always have to sneak extra bits in - actually been using the paper (instead of insisting it stay on pristine condition). More tidying on the cards for this weekend :o)