Sunday, 5 August 2012

30 Lists in 30 Days - List 28

If I ruled the world:
  •     Filofax would listen to their customers, have fabulous inserts, on great paper, and have a big selection of A5 compact binders. 
  •     Children would have the opportunity from a young age to get involved in clubs etc  aimed at the things they would like to work as when they are older. Eg. Christopher really wants to work at a zoo.
  •     Children would never have to go without. 
  •     Prisons wouldn’t be nice places to stay. I have no problem with people getting training etc, but they shouldn’t get non-essentials.
  •     Old peoples homes would be nice, and the people in them would be well looked after, both physically and mentally.
  •     Mental health problems would be treated/dealt with before it’s too late. If the people who need help in these areas got it sooner, there would be far fewer people with serious problems due to their mental health problems.
  •     People on benefits would not be in a position where they can buy a great big telly an drink lots, while not looking after their children.
Don’t ask me how I would actually achieve any of these things, that would be a whole other matter :o)

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