Thursday, 2 August 2012

30 Lists in 30 Days - List 20

My dream space would include...
Now this was tricky and I could probably add a lot more to it, but have split into my dream indoor space and my dream outdoor space.
Indoor (large space arranged into different areas):
  •     crafty area with scrapbooking papers and supplies      
  •     ‘study’ area with calm space for journalling and filofaxing
  •     cosy area with comfy chairs, cushions, nice mix and match tea set, and bookcases
Outdoor (large space):
  •     a big open grassy area (soft)
  •     nice weather (not too hot, just nice)
  •     running water of some kind (stream maybe)
  •     a stage for live music
  •     lovely flowers
  •     comfy chairs with side tables for reading
  •     blankets and cushions
  •     trees to chill under
Welcome to my space :o)

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