Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Being Nice... Fail !!!

And I thought I was doing so well... having a cold and two small children whilst trying to stick to the plan of being nice? Not a great idea...  although to be fair to them I think that I may have been a bit generous to myself thinking I had made it through the first two days.

Although I hadn't been unfair, I have to admit that saying something factual can also be classed as not being nice - not necessarily mean or horrible, but not really nice in the strictest sense of the word.

However, having now read most of The Happiness Project I have realised that trying to achieve perfection regarding being nice for 2 whole weeks is a pretty tough challenge for anyone (apart from those people who are born that way...).

I will be re-attempting this task again in the future (working from home today and being allowed to say things to my computer about various emails I received during the day made me feel a lot better), but will define better what my measure is going to be as I realise that it is not always possible to be nice constantly.

Time to rethink this particular challenge...



  1. heh heh. i can totally relate! some people just aren't into hearing brutally honest remarks ... and i don't know, it is what it is, right? I have been trying to stop a second before i speak and as quickly as possible, rephrase it in my head "nicer". it's soooo freakin hard as i tend to just call it as i see it and i'm not really good at dancing around statements of fact. i'm working on it so, that's good i guess. good luck with filtering your own self!

  2. And it's not meant to be mean... people just don't get it!!! :o)