Friday, 25 November 2011

Capsule Wardrobe - Great Afternoon!!!

After the disastrous shopping morning, Ben met me and took me to the Tivoli shopping centre for lunch and then we went for a bit of a wander around a few shops to see what we could find...although by this point there had been a slight change in the shopping list...

Trousers x1
Skirt x2
Dress x1
Top x2
Shirt x1
Scarf              (order online from Next - not urgently required)
Necklace      (order online from Next - not urgently required)
Belts              (I use belts to hold up my jeans, as an accessory they really don't suit me and just serve
                        to make my hips look even bigger, and they really don't need any help on that score)

I thought I'd give H&M another chance, and found the layout in this one is much better than the one in town, but didn't see anything I wanted to try on. They had a couple of blazers that looked quite nice, but I didn't like the finish on the lapels as they had obvious stitching, clearly part of the design, but just not for me - I think it just looks like it's not finished nicely.

The shop that I had forgotten? C&A!!! How could I forget this haven of sensible work wear (I never thought I would ever find myself feeling so grateful for C&A).

I found black boot cut trousers (I have given up on grey or patterned trousers as they just don't suit me at all, no matter what style I try), and a pair of teal cords which are a beautiful colour and will work perfectly well with grey, black, cream or chocolate.

Unfortunately I had worn a dress to go shopping and only had trousers to try on, which I didn't realise until I was in the changing room, and hence had to call to Ben to grab me a top of any kind :-)

He came back with my worst fear - a striped blouse which doesn't button right through but is fitted and a slightly stretchy material. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against these tops, they just hate me and serve to make me look like I'm bursting out of them (and I really don't have big boobs at all...).

But.... he is amazing. The top actually fitted really nicely!!! Result, so I picked up 2 of those - one in a dark teal and one in red.

I then went on to scrub the skirts and dress from the list (it's almost winter, and will be just too damned cold for that kind of thing - although if I do happen to stumble across a long jersey skirt while I am out I may have to get one). And the blazer? Although it would mean that I would have more looks available in my capsule wardrobe, it is not essential, so I may get one at some point in the future, but it is not really needed.

As I now intend to wear proper shoes and trousers for work I figured I should also have some of those tights style socks (whatever they're called) and when I went over to the hosiery section I spotted a beautiful purple necklace and then a gorgeous little silver one, no need to look online for those now :-)

 So all in all, I now have a complete capsule wardrobe for work - result!!! Goodbye task 55, and hello task 56 I think. Although my clothes for work are mainly based around trousers, the tops, shoes and accessories make it all feminine, and so the 4 weeks of wearing feminine clothes shouldn't be such a struggle, although I will still need to think about it a bit so that I don't forget and go into work in my jeans and trainers...

No pictures to prove this one I'm afraid as I have just taken some photos to add and have discovered that it is actually quite hard to photograph clothes and get them to look good...


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