Friday, 25 November 2011

Capsule Wardrobe - Disastrous Morning!!!

Blimey!!! What a morning!!!

Tuesday morning after reading this post on How to Look Good at Any Age, and this one on Penny Golightly I decided I needed to put together a list of what I need for my capsule wardrobe and this is my starting point:

Trousers x2
Skirt x2
Dress x2
Top x3
Shirt x1
Jumper x2
Cardigan x3
Blazer x1
Shoes x2
Boots x2
Scarf x2-3
Necklace x1
Belt x2

My next step was to go through my wardrobe and see what was actually in there, so I could work out what shopping I needed to do...

Found for my capsule wardrobe:

Trousers black wide leg x1 (must stitch the hem on these, been on my list to do for a while)
Dress black, suitable for work? Check
Top longer line long sleeve black
Jumper black V neck, and grey in same style (must stitch the seam where it has come undone)
Shoes  - Mary Jane style in black, leopard print kitten heel
Boots - block heeled ankle boots, knee high flats with buckle detail, both in black
Cardigan - black basic cardigan, chocolate brown loose thing...
Scarf - black and white floral long scarf, pale blue floral square scarf

Time to shop:

Trousers x1
Skirt x2
Dress x1
Top x2
Shirt x1

Well, I got myself all ready to go. Shopping list in filofax - check, cash for bus - check, positive attitude and ready to shop - check...

Got the bus into Baden, no problem at all. First stop Coop as it is at the station and contains New Look, S Oliver and quite a few other brands. Quite a bot of time was spent browsing in here, but nothing I liked enough to actually try on.

Next stop, H&M, they have everything in there - surely even I can manage to buy something to wear for work in there... They must have the most unimpressive store layout ever, the only way to find anything is to literally go through every single rail... fine if you're looking in a big sale, but other wise - no, no, no!!! I tried on 3 pairs of trousers, one shirt and 2 tops, hideous, hideous, really hideous, and more of the same. I did a second round of the rails, but just couldn't face trying anything after that.

As H&M was my main hope I was pretty demoralised by this point, so decided to check out Manor, figuring that if I couldn't get clothes at least I'd be able to cheer myself up with some stationery :-) It must have been a really bad day, the clothes there didn't inspire me to try anything on, and I couldn't even bring myself to get excited about new pens :-(

I had planned to meet my other half in town for lunch and have the afternoon exploring and chilling together, but after about 2 hours in town all I wanted to do was go home, so back on the bus I went.

Did I mention how much I hate shopping for clothes? Oh my God, somebody help me...


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