Sunday, 6 November 2011

Being nice...

Woohoo!!! I am actually shocked at myself... Although I decided that the whole being nice for 2 weeks would have to wait until near the end of my 1001 days, I have started it much earlier than planned.

Thursday morning I arrived to work at around 9:15 (having decided I deserved a later start and would like to actually see my children at some point this week), only to discover that the postman had just left - and what was Sabine putting on my chair? - none other than my parcel from Filofax Denmark - I was so excited that it had finally arrived after the whole saga of non-delivery, being sent back and having to be resent - and here are my new babies:

A5 Graphic in red - potential new work Filofax

Personal Botanic - pretty!!!
 I actually ordered 2 of the personal Botanics as my brothers girlfriend is apparently an obsessive list maker, so I thought it only fair that she should be introduced to the delights of Filofax.

The fact that they had arrived, and that the inserts were so nice compared to the UK ones just made me ridiculously happy (so I don't actually understand what all the words mean as they are in Norsk languages - that is a bonus, as it means I can take them to mean whatever I want them to mean).

I will post about the planned use for the Graphic shortly... :o)

Coming up to 11am and I realised that I hadn't yet felt stressed out, and was still almost delirious about my Filofaxes, hence no need to be horrible/grumpy/sit at my desk uttering profanities - could this be the start of my being nice for 2 weeks?

I actually discussed the options with Raffael (works for me and sits next to me and knows exactly what I'm like), should I class this as the start of my 2 weeks, or should I waste the half day already won so easily on the basis that I was unlikely to be able to keep it up for the rest of the day, let alone 2 weeks (it is planning time at work, which tends to get me very stroppy, and quite vocal). However, I decided that I would give it a go. There were a couple of things that came up during the day which would normally make me a prime candidate for paying fines into the swear pot (thankfully we don't have one of those, or I would never be able to afford to buy another FF ever again), but just looking at my new babies took the stress out of everything - there were a few knowing looks from Raffael, along with big grins and a "I can see this is really hard for you" - but nothing was going to wipe the smile from my face that day.

Friday involved more working on the plan for 2012, and still no stress... it is now almost Sunday lunchtime and I have allowed myself the fact that I can't be overly nice to the children constantly - tears and tantrums still have to be dealt with, although I am trying to explain more (not easy as the littlest chap brought home a shocking cold, and now we all have it - apart from him, he appears to be much better than yesterday - thankfully it's one of these ones that are harsh, but over quickly).

This coming week I have to be quite dedicated to the 2012 plan, and know doubt someone higher than us is going to say that all the figures need changing again - and will I get cross/upset/frustrated. No. I may feel disappointed, but will not allow it to ruin my week (or at least I'll try not too) - I don't want to have lost these 4 days towards my target.

Wish me luck.


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