Thursday, 10 November 2011

Danish Inserts... We Like!!!

I included some pics of my two new filofaxes that I managed to get in the Filofax Denmark sale the other day, and must now share with you the beautiful inserts that these came with. They just seem so much nicer than the ones that come from the UK.

As I got two sizes of filofax I can treat you to pics of inserts of both A5 and personal size - prepare yourselves for a picture heavy blog...

First up the A5:

Dividers - black, lovely!!!
A-Z Dividers
 For the dividers you get a set of 8 plus A-Z dividers. The 8 are labelled 'Kalendar', 'Info', 'Private' and 1 - 5.

WO2P diary with lines.  
Beautifully laid out with lines that are split in the middle so you can plan the day how you like, use them as a 'normal' full line or use left hand side for appointments and right hand side for reminders. The red writing on the Sundays and other holidays just give it that little something extra.

To do lists
10 of these babies came in my A5 and they are great for lists. Less space to write in than the UK ones, but more tasks to a sheet, so I guess it is a case of personal preference, but I may have found mine

Activity Planner
10 of these lovely ones too... Even I can work out what Aktivitetsplan translates to :-)  It's split into 3 sections, and I'm not sure but they may mean Activity, Time and Place, but to be honest, I could call them whatever I want to as long as it makes it suit my needs... and as if by magic

Folded Out
 It folds out to reveal some special list type thing 'What', 'Time', 'Who', something else and a tick box (Google translate clearly wasn't feeling very helpful today). But who needs to know what the sections are actually for when you can make up your own uses - the fact that the back of this is the fabulous quadrille paper makes this sheet a winner.

Contact details
Possibly too little space for me, but I will give them a go as they look prettier than the other ones I

And on to the personal:

Complete with 2011/2012 diary
I haven't taken photo's of the dividers for this one as they don't show up as well against the purple 
of the Finchley, but they look the same as the A5 ones, the difference being that along with the
obligatory A-Z dividers, you get 1-6 numbered dividers so no predefined categories on these ones.

WO2P diary
Again the WO2P diary is made to look that little bit more special with the use of the red, I also really like the fact that the lines are quite dark, it makes it all seem a little more defined.

Now these I found a little strange, they are very nice and can be quite handy, but the days are all in English - I have no idea why this is. No problem, it just struck me as a little odd. Although, if you have a Filofax then I think many people automatically assume you must be a bit quirky, and therefore having your timetable in a different language is totally logical :-)

To do lists

Notes pages

Address pages
And there you have it - a summary of the filofax inserts from Denmark - they rock!!!



  1. Fabulous!! Thanks for posting so many pics. They all look really brilliant!

  2. You're welcome :-) I'm going to try to use the WO2P in the A5 for a few weeks and see if they can do the job for work.... may not be enough space for me, but I'm definitely going to give them a try :o)