Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hmmm - can I do it...further progress?

It's Sunday evening and I have the whole week stretching ahead of me with no work - bliss!!!

So am I spending my evening relaxing? No, I'm trying to plan my capsule wardrobe for work... aaargh!!!

Why did I ever think that would be a good idea? I have no idea where to go to try to find clothes over here (other than H&M), I can't order online as whenever I do I always end up sending the whole lot back anyway (apart from accessories), and I can't stand clothes shopping...

Maybe I should delay this particular task until next year and go to bed with my third classic book - Great Expectations :o)

However, number 89 can now be crossed off the list - I have had my appointment with my financial advisor (how grown up does that sound) and sone what needed doing.

I am tempted to change number 90 (save at least 60% of tax rebate) to 'spend at least 40% of 2009 tax rebate' as Ben & I never go out anywhere to do damage to the bank account anyway (apart from my splurges on Filofaxes - which are always at reduced prices, and I can stop at any time - really, I can...., and Ben's guitars, but I don't think he'll be getting anymore).

That way I can try to kill 2 tasks in one go - spending money and going on holiday :o)


Task 90 completed - from the meeting with the financial advisor I am not committed to saving more each month, and I have worked out that 3 months of the increased payments covers the 60% of the tax rebate. Woohoo!!!

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