Sunday, 23 September 2012

101 List Progress Check - Sep 23rd 2013

Hi All,

Woohoo!!! Paperwork sorted? Yes - at last!!!

Here a lovely picture of me sorting paperwork last Sunday evening, in anticipation of the arrival of my Filofax display case and stand.

Surrounded by less than half the paperwork that I had to go through in total.
The stuff on the shelf under the table is all for shredding (that pile grew even
more before I'd finished), and the filled folders are the filing that had already
been done at that stage...
 I have finished reading Schindler's Ark - it is such a good book. I will definitely be reading it again, and really must get hold of the film on DVD (I don't know why I'm insisting on putting myself through this - I can guarantee I will cry...lots).

My de-cluttering is continuing, and although I haven't started doing Flylady routines yet I have set up my 5 week cleaning plan ready to start the rotations. Today I have also listed the daily/weekly tasks that can be delegated to my children which they (currently) are quite looking forward to as it is an opportunity to earn some cold, hard cash :o) We'll see how long they find this a good idea. I am refusing to let them earn money for doing the things they should just do anyway (keeping their rooms tidy(ish), getting ready for school properly in the mornings, putting their toys away etc), but they seem to be understanding that and haven't argued at all. Wish me luck for it lasting the week (or even the rest of the day).

Have a great week,



  1. Hey there Lindsay "Filofax Lady"

    Looks like you are organised - good to see you're keeping up with the paperwork AND organising the brood!!

    Hope all well with you all

    Mike & Hilly xx

    1. I´m getting there :o) Hope all´s good with you guys :o)


  2. Replies
    1. Yep - we both try to be organised, but have to work very hard at it (and still usually fail) - ha ha ha!!!

  3. Keep up the good work, your doing great!! :)

    Mine's still ongoing, think i'm making more mess though, at least it appears that way :o

    1. Ben hates it if he is out of the house and I´m going to "tidy" cos he knows that by the time he gets back it´s going to soooo look like a bomb site :o)