Sunday, 16 September 2012

A New Home...?

Well, apart from right now where I am skiving from packing and sorting, I have had a pretty busy day today. I have decided that the time is right to acquire more space and light for myself and my loves (filo and stationery loves obviously).

I have been saying for  a while that I would like to have a space where I can sit and plan/journal/be creative, that is just for me and today seems to be the day when a decision has finally been made.

Christopher (my 7-year-old) has been turfed out to the spare room (it's really not a hardship - it means that he now has a bigger room than I do). He had asked to have a desk in his room, and in the small room there just wasn't enough space for his drawers, wardrobe, bed and a good-sized desk, so he now has my mahoosive desk in his new room and is a very happy boy.

No flash - what is that about? Also no DF to tell me how to get the flash to work...

My Christopher's desk, which he is very happy with
My room is now looking rather bare along the one side, and will also need to be re-arranged so that I don't spend most of my time bashing my head on the sloping walls/ceiling...

Empty space... maybe the bed should go back there...
 Obviously, as Christopher now has my desk I need to find a new home for my other babies. They liked their desk and cupboard, but it is time for them to move on...

All packed up and ready to go, thankfully most of them are empty so the box isn't too heavy

Are we there yet Mum...?
I am hoping to be a lucky girl today on eBay, otherwise I will be spending a few hours in IKEA next Saturday trying to find decent new storage for my babies... (DF would be happier with the second option I think as IKEA is only 20 minutes away, if I win the display case on eBay he has 6 hours of driving to do...). Surely 6 hours of driving will be much less painful than a trip round IKEA (which could end up taking nearly the same amount of time) with me and both our boys...

I will be posting pics as my new room is set up - it's very exciting!!!



  1. How exciting, look forward to seeing it all set up!! :)

    1. It´s even more exciting now as I was a very lucky girl on eBay - woohoo!!!

    2. Did you bid on the Filofax Display stands then?

    3. Indeed I did - they will be here (hopefully) this evening :o)

  2. Filofax Display stands? Need to see that, need to see that... can't wait for a detailed post with lots of photos... LOL

    1. They should be on there way from Germany as I type. Fingers crossed they will be with me in a few hours. DF is under strict instructions to take photos of them packed and ready to go :o)