Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Space - The Perfect Room...?

Well, once I set up my Filofax display case and stand I had to sort out the set up for the rest of my room - so what better place to start than IKEA?

I love IKEA (which is a good thing really, as since we moved to Switzerland that is where almost all our furniture has come from). The other great thing about IKEA is the fact that they have a supervised play area for children up to the age of 8, so we can drop the boys off, grab a cake/coffee and then get the stuff we need before picking up the boys again. We get to do what we need to without children who really don't want to be there, and they get to go and play - now that's what I call a win-win!!!

Off we went to IKEA to find a desk and storage for my room, I already had an idea what I wanted to get, I just wasn't sure how big they'd be. I already had a standard desk, but wanted something that was a bit deeper, preferable without a back so I could easily us it for crafty stuff as well as using it as a working area.
Poor DF had a lot to get done after we got home, including going back out to get the shopping, and was then going to put my stuff together after the boys had gone to bed. Being the instant gratification kinda girl that I am I couldn't actually make myself wait until then, so while he was out shopping I got to work. Unfortunately, although I do know what a hammer looks like, I have no idea where the toolbox is kept, so I was trying to put all the dowels into the shelving unit by hand (and a rolled up towel so my hand wouldn't hurt when it came to the ones where I had to hit them to get them to go in). By the second shelf I realised that I really did need a hammer (my hands were almost dead, and I just don't have the kind of muscle power required to just push the things together). By the time Ben got back I was quite a way into my project and this was the sight that greeted him...

Nope, it's not a hammer. It's a high-heeled purple suede Diesel shoe,
but it did the job very well - and didn't leave me with a sore hand
like hammers tend to do
Yesterday I finally finished moving the empty boxes and stuff out, and now I can (very proudly) show my new room :o)

My cosy corner
I may get a small table to go next to my chair (Poang chair from IKEA, lovely woollen throw in cream from IKEA, chilled out blue cushion from IKEA and tall light from, surprise, surprise - IKEA!!!).

I intend to use this chair for just chilling with my Kindle and for curling up in with a notepad when I am journalling or planning.

From my chair I can see:
My wonderful display cases, not from IKEA...
...and my desk
Here is another view of my desk - it is an Expedit shelf unit, with attached desk (with a depth of 78cm, as opposed to the 50cm that I have with my 'normal' desk, which is now serving it's purpose as a dressing table/storage in the bedroom. I positioned the desk so that I can make the most of the natural light that comes into the room from the windows opposite.

Shelf unit with sixteen squares for storage 
In the storage areas so far I have various boxes (many of them empty at the moment), postcard sets, storage tins and some notepads - most of which haven't been written in at all yet as I don't want to ruin them (I really need to get a grip and just use them...). On the top I have a couple of storm lanterns (IKEA sale...) and some wonderfully fragrant candles that I just had to have. I was looking to get some blue ones but could only see aqua type blues, and then I spied these beauties. One sniff (or three) and I was hooked. There is white (cinnamon danish), caramel (caramel pudding) and brown (chocolate) - how could I resist having those in my room?

And that is it  - my new room :o)



  1. I just LOVE that Expedit desk! I drool over it many times on the online catalogue before they opened an Ikea here. By the time they opened it, of course, I had already bought a different desk. Argh!
    It is looks SO pretty! That natural wood is so airy. AND looking at that gorgeous display from your comfy Poang chair......mmmmm yummy tea-times ahead!

    1. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I must have missed your comment when it came in. I am loving my room, although I haven't spent much time in it so far, and none at all sat chilling in my comfy Poang chair. But I know it is just waiting for me to have everything else done and then I will be free to snuggle up in it with a cup of Tick Tock tea, a blanket and my filo or a very pretty notebook :o)