Sunday, 30 September 2012

Dodopad Goodies

Woohoo!!! I've finally had time to take a pic of my latest Dodopad delivery.

I've got the AcadPad in A5 to go in my Filofax - I'm not decided on what to use it for this year though. Last year I used it for logging my food and exercise. I currently have three options. I can:
       i)      monitor food and exercise as before

       ii)     set up up to five different logs - potentially water, weather, exercise, weight, with space for
               category to log data for.

       iii)    use it as my main diary, it's basically a week on one page with a page for notes...

I also had to get myself some Dodon't forget and Dodo Remember stickers as I've seen these so many times and as I was ordering the Acad Pad it would just have been rude to ignore the stickers again...

I got a couple of Leuchtturm pen loops to fit in notepads so that I can always be sure there will be a pen at hand when I need one. However, now that I have them I can't remember which notepads I had intended them for, and I'm not actually brave enough to stick them into the notepads directly. I think I may have to set up a card insert that I can shut inside the notepad with the pen loop attached.

My other purchase was a stylus for use with my iPod touch. It may seem like a totally unnecessary purchase to many people (yes, people have already asked why I can't just use my fingers like normal people). It's true - I don't have big, fat, fingers and so should have no problem, but there is just something about touch screens that doesn't seem to agree with me. Some days I have no problem at all, but others I can't do things properly on my iPad, and don't even get me started on those touchscreen things to help you find the location of what you want to buy at IKEA... I swear those things hate me. I can never get them to register any thing I do and end up getting very frustrated, so I am hoping that my stylus will be my new best friend (after the Roomba of course).


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