Monday, 17 September 2012

Wow, wow, wow!!! eBay Heaven!!!

And can I just say "Wow" again?

There is another post re my 101 that I should do before I do this one, but I can't as I am just so excited that I have to blog this right now.

I will also apologise now as I am super tired and am likely to ramble even more than usual, but you will get lots of photos further down to take away the pain :o)

It's 10pm and I've just spent the last two hours cleaning and taking photos for this post...

As you may know from my last post I have managed to wangle a room in our apartment just for me and the things that I want around me for quiet time (obviously that does not include my children, who I love dearly, but swear they have no idea what the word quiet even means...).

Yesterday I was trying to resist the temptations of eBay, but we all know that resistance is futile when it comes to anything Filofax related, so I spent the day flitting between trying to get my new room cleared and my computer to check eBay and my emails as I had a few queries regarding the items.

With about twenty minutes to go it was looking like this bad boy was going to be mine, the last five minutes I spent glued to the chair as I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss out on anyone outbidding me. I was so excited when I was declared highest bidder as the auction came to a close than my youngest boy just sat and laughed at me - lots!!!

So here is the link to my new baby in all it's glory as included in the Saturday Philofaxy Web Finds.

So when is it going to get here? It's here!!! My fabulous DF drove for eight hours in total today (not the six he was expecting - oops!!!) to go to Germany to collect this for me, and here's what happened...

In the back of the truck and ready to go :o)
My first view...
The unit for the inserts - just in need of a
bit of a clean, other than that it's pretty darned
good :o)

And the class display case for the filos to go in

A bit blurry - but there has to be a bit of display case
love :o)

Filofax symbol on both sides of both display stands 

Cleaned up and ready to go (ignore the insert
holders, they will be given a good soaking at some
point, just not right now :o)
 So there we have the display stands all set up and ready to go, so what can I find to go in them... Well, the display stands came from a shop that was closing down, so I felt it would be rude of me not to find out what stock they had remaining in case there was anything I could help them to offload ;o)

And it turned out they had a fair bot of stuff left - not loads, but a reasonable amount. But I was good, I didn't take all of it - I already have more dividers sets than you can shake a stick at, and didn't want the only organiser they had left (Apex... *shudder*). I think I got around 50% off everything that I took, not quite sure as I wasn't the one who picked it all up, but I am very happy with this bundle (most of which wasn't in the bag, but hidden in the big drawers at the bottom. I hadn't even noticed that there were drawers at the bottom, so was very pleased to discover i) all the stuff inside them, and ii) the amount of extra storage space I have acquired.

2011 - 2012 diaries and year planners (free - super bargain) - I am
quite looking forward to trying some of these out as undated planners as there are a few different layouts here :o)

A5 - top opening envelopes, hole punch, today markers, business
card holder

Personal - transparent flyleaves, top opening envelope,
today marker, birthday year planner, white lined paper, white quadrille paper, and coloured paper.

Pocket - transparent flyleaves, birthday/anniversary sheets,  grey dividers
(I haven't seen these before and am very pleased to have them - I didn't know
these were coming), top opening envelopes, today markers, birthday
year planners, To Do lists, white ruled paper and coloured ruled paper

Mini - top tab dividers (4 white, never seen these before either - clearly
I have led a sheltered life), white quadrille paper and white ruled paper.
I also have some reinforcing patches :o)  

Now this I did know was coming - apparently it is a wooden Filofax calendar
holder...  I may be a bit dense, or it may just be too late (probably the former,
although I would like to try to plead the latter), but I'm not sure how it works... (yes, I am a bit special...)

And another one that they just slipped into the drawer for me -
a fabulous pen holder, how cool is that? 
 So - here is the full extent of my purchases in all their glory  :o)

Looking at how many slots are full already, I am thinking that I may still have to keep some of my inserts in the drawers... probably all the diary inserts.

 I should go to bed now, but have a feeling that I may end up unpacking my filos before that happens so that they can be introduced to their new home :o)

Night all,



  1. You have an insanely Jealous Mother! x x x

    1. I don't think Ben needs to buy me a Christmas present this year after basically oushing me to bid for this and then driving all the way to get it for me :o)

  2. of course the gorgeous glass cabinet is the perfect excuse for buying MORE binders... it needs filling!

    1. That´s what I thought when I first set it up. However, I have just finished putting my binders in, and with four more on the way I think it´s going to be getting a bit tight for space... oops!!!

  3. Now visit AdSpot to fill it up with as many different ones!!

    Excellent I'm pleased they have gone to someone who appreciates them and who won't change the name on them!!


    1. Pretty much full already, and I have four more on the way - I think I may have a bit of a problem... Will be blogging a brief update later.

      I was pretty horrified when I saw in the ad that the Filofax nameplates could be removed... what kind of sick person would do that?!!!

  4. This whole post has me laughing my *ss off...not sure which is more funny...the Filofax cabinets for sale, the fact that you bought them and drove 8 hours to get them (something I would totally do as well) or the fact that you almost have them filled up. This the English say (or is it the Irish?)...BRILLIANT! Total envy here!

    1. Yep - the whole thing is a bit crazy ;o) I even had to go in for a last peep to check on them before I went to bed last night :o)

  5. Truly wonderful, you should get an award for dedication; also your husband.

    1. Thank you. I have told him he is wonderful and that I am so pleased with my new things. He looked at them today and said that he doesn't think they were worth an 8 hour drive - outrageous!!! :o)