Wednesday, 11 July 2012

101 List Progress Check - July 11th 2012

Another super quick one as it's been a hectic week or so (again) and I'm having to check off my achievements from memory as I haven't written anything at all down...
Wearing make-up every day for 4 weeks - still going strong, although I almost forgot yesterday morning (I arrived at my dads on Monday night and saw Marcus for the first time since last Sunday so he was a tad excited and wanted to play). I started on the skincare thing on Monday evening and am pleased that I bought myself some new Olay day and night moisturisers - they smell really nice, fingers crossed they'll help plump out those wrinkles that are lurking :o)

I forgot to take my supplements over the weekend and on Monday, but I really don't want to start again as I hate taking them - I am very tempted to just carry on and add a few extra days at the end. I guess that officially that could be classed as cheating, and I have enough supplements to last for well past the three months so could in theory start the clock again from yesterday... bleurgh, what a thought!!!

Midnights Children by Salman Rushdie - will it ever end...? Enjoying reading it still, but I think the key word in that is now still.
I didn't get round to watching Cabaret or Evita despite my best intentions. I tried to watch Cabaret on the Sunday evening after I arrived, but fell asleep ridiculously early on in the film... oops!!!
My 30 Lists in 30 Days challenge is off to a slow start and I'm a bit behind, but thankfully there is nothing to say that you have to do one each day for 30 days, just that all thirty need to be completed in the 30 days. I will be catching up very soon. It's a bit tricky trying to sit and do these lists when there are other people around (or at least that's what I'm finding).

Two sleeps until Centerparcs at Longleat for the family holiday - yay!!!

Have a good week.



  1. The supplements are hard, I took mine for three days never to be taken again oops :) Well done for starting your lists, i've not started mine yet, at this rate i'll be doing all 30 on the 30th day haha :)
    Enjoy Centre Parks, i've always wanted a Centre Parks holiday but with five kids don't think it will ever happen, not even sure if there is anywhere big enough for us all, maybe when the kids are older and we can split up!! :)

    1. I tried responding while I was away, but lost my connection just as I hit to publish - not frustrating at all :o)

      We had a 4 bedroom place for us (5 adults and 2 children) and it was awesome, but I would imagine that 5 children would be a lot harder to manage - the pool is great, but you'd need eyes in the back of your head!!!

      As for supplements, they should be called sucklements as I can't stand taking them - I am rubish taking tablets, such a girl!!!