Monday, 16 July 2012

101 List Progress Check – July 15th 2012

Happy Sunday!!! (OK, OK – It is Monday now, but I wrote this on Sunday)
No time to write loads, too much fun to be had here on my holiday, so here’s the list:
Make-up daily – still going strong, even on a Sunday at Centerparcs, which feels a bit weird… lol
Skincare was restarted on Monday 10th, and is going well so far, though I can’t believe I said I’d keep this up for a month. But once the month is done I should be able to keep it going afterwards, which is a good thing – it is something I should have started when I was much younger…
Supplements – yay!!!
Midnights Children – woohoo!!! 83% down according to the Kindle. Thinking about it, this may not be the longest book in the world, it may just be that I have only been able to read a little each day. I may have to check out a bookshop to see how big the actual book is.
I have now done 13 of my 30 lists in 30 days, and will start publishing them soon… depending on the internet access here and the amount of time I have available to myself to hide out in Starbucks  – ha ha ha!!!
We are on our family holiday at Centerparcs now. We arrived in a deluge of rain on Friday afternoon (ooh, is that our private pool? Oh no, it’s just a very large puddle by our door).
Friday evening nobody fancied doing the cooking, so we all went to Café Rouge for dinner, which was really nice and the boys were very well behaved. They drew pictures for each other (see, I knew that being apart for almost two weeks should make them be nice to each other for at least ten minutes), and were kept entertained by the fish swimming around, although I was expecting one of them to fall in…
Saturday was pretty wet, but we went out to explore a bit and the  boys were fascinated by the bones and animal poo in the Rangers Lodge (nice), and they loved the outdoor playground. After a late lunch we took them to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise. We were there for two hours, so by the time we left both boys were shattered. Dinner and ice-cream were soon followed by bed at 8pm, and they were asleep within minutes, not waking up until I woke them up after 7am to see a deer outside our villa. They will be swimming every day!!!
Have a great week,


  1. So glad you are all having a Fab time, good to see you getting time to relax x x x

  2. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, sounds like your having good fun :)

    1. Having a ball - will write more soon :o)