Thursday, 19 July 2012

30 Lists in 30 Days – List 10

At This Moment…
-          everyone else is asleep (6am Sunday)
-          the patio door is open
-          birds are singing
-          raindrops are falling off trees
-          the sun is not shining, but I am hopeful  that it will be later
-          I need to check out the land train route as we are going on it this morning
-          swimming stuff needs to come off radiators ready for later
-          boys are both going to wake fairly soon, two hours in the pool yesterday has worn them out and they have been asleep since 8pm.
-          it’s Dads birthday today, and I need to find his and Josies cards (they were packed, I am sure)
-          it is so peaceful
-          time for a cup of Rooibos tea with honey
-          whoa, about an hour later and there was a red deer just past our patio happily grazing away. Stunning!!! Obviously I had to wake everyone up to tell them.

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