Thursday, 19 July 2012

30 Lists in 30 Days – List 6

Favourite Colour Combinations:
Orange & turquoise (since forever)
Purple & turquoise (ditto)
Turquoise, purple & Orange (ditto)
Red & black
Purple & black 
Purple & ochre (Pennybridge & Malden) 
Purple & pink
Blue & white (my favourite cardigan, jeans & a white T-shirt)
Black & grey
Pink & aqua (Chameleons) - no photo in my archive of these I'm afraid

What's your favourite colour combination (especially for filos...)?



  1. I'm a red & green girl....Usually red chippy metal & green chippy wood....My A5 Cuban Zip in red is fitting right in here at Casa de SVJ....I must find me a green personal Filo now so Big Daddy won't feel lonely....**wink**....!!

  2. Totally agree - it would never do to have a lonely filo... that would be very sad :-(

    Red and green vintage woody stuff, now that would be fab :o)