Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Really!!! I Did That?!!!

Oh my word!!!

I have to say, that after my holiday I actually feel very relaxed and calm, which makes a huge change for me I can tell you.

Well, I had a bit of a rude awakening this morning when I got to work and opened my lovely Holborn to see what I had outstanding from before I went on holiday so that I could plan my time as monthend will be upon us in a couple of days. This is what I opened it up to find...

In the chilled out state my mind has retreated to during my break, it found it almost impossible to decipher what on earth was going on - did I really do that to myself...? As much as my fun paper makes me smile, I really don't think that it is ideal for my work stuff, so this evening I have been trying to sort myself out into something more workable. I love my Holborn Zip, I really do, but I think if I use something with smaller rings I will be more inclined to reduce the amount of stuff that I keep in it.

I have also come to the conclusion that I really don't need my work and personal stuff with me all the time and am going to split myself across various filos.

Ideally I would have a compact A5 for work, but as there are none of those around I will move (for now) into my aqua Chameleon for work, using my old set up and then work out what I actually need and want in there. I really wish there was an A5 compact as part of the reason I keep so much stuff in my work filo is just to pad it out to make writing on the diary pages easier...

Maybe I should just print out inserts so that I always write only on the right-hand side...



  1. How about printing it on to coloured paper?
    That's what I have done as I don't like plain white paper (I am Dyslexic and have ADHD and plain paper is nasty on the eyes!)it makes it easier to read, is nice to look at and is functional. I have some pale blue, lilac, pink and yellow paper. Mine is A5 but you can get the A4 and cut it in half and that way have any colour you like :)

    I don't keep much in my A5 zipped Holborn, just what I need, at the minute that is different from when I set it up as its the summer holidays (well job search time for me) so I don't need a day to a page. I have printed my own week to a page instead for the summer. If I do need more space I can always write on plain pages inserted between the weeks. I also still have my month on 2 pages, I have just put the weeks after them before the next month instead of the d2p inserts.

    Hope you work out a better setup or 2 soon :) x

  2. I thought about printing inserts onto plain coloured paper, but realised that I can't even manage to use the coloured ruled paper that I have. I'm not sure why - white is fine, cream is manageable and crazy patterned stuff is great (just a bit to confusing for work), but for some reason I can't seem to get into using the coloured paper.

    I thing I'm going to use my funky stuff in my personal set up, or I may just use it for fun stuff, like a smash book. However, I have so much actual writing paper in funky designs that I can probably use some of that for sensible things as it is laid out to be written on - maybe I could even start writing letters to people (now that would be a novel use for writing paper) - ha ha ha!!!

    Inspired by your blog I am also going to search for one of those Monster Rexel 420 hole punches - that is awesome and would make everything so much easier :o)

  3. I know what you mean! Used to have one mail filo (A5) for all my needs. Same as you, I found that I need'nt take all my business notes/planners/to do's with me as well my personal one. So I moved my Business section out of my 'main A5 (Finchley Imperial Purple) into my Chameleon Aqua. Works out for me. I've set it up professionally. So no glitter and other 'ridiculous' stuff. I left that for me personal Filo, which represents my whole life.
    I do use a Dodopad for all my appointments. So also my business ones, since I'm visiting a lot of clients.

    In my handbag I just take my Pocket Finchley. Just for short notes, reminders, shopping and to jot down appointments I make while not at home. I do have to duplicate them into my main Filo, though, but that's not a big deal.

    Hope you can work something out! :)

    1. I think I'm getting there - I have started to set my pocket Malden up to be my constant companion. Just need to copy any urgent info across and I'm good to go :o)