Thursday, 26 July 2012

TK Maxx, and a Fabulous Paper Shop - Wow!!!

Hi all :o) Another stationery post I’m afraid.
After seeing the notebooks that you can get in TK Maxx in Weymouth I was rather gutted that I couldn’t buy loads of them, as there would be no room in my case to carry them all home.
However, I went shopping in Salisbury with Josie and Marcus, and discovered the TK Maxx there – oh my, I think I was in heaven (poor Jo thought she was never going to get me out of there – while Marcus helped me choose what I should get, including two notebooks for Jo for her birthday – ha ha ha!!!).
I realised a very important thing while I was there with them. No – I probably couldn’t fit them all in my case, but I have to fly back to the UK for a long weekend next month to pick the boys up, and I won’t need many clothes then so my suitcase will be fairly empty. Therefore I could leave some of my stuff from this visit in the UK and take some notebooks home with me (there is no way I was leaving notebooks behind – not with my boys –Marcus already picked one from the shelf for himself).
So here are they beautiful notebooks in all their glory, including a fabulous planner…

Pretty, pretty, pretty...

Emma Bridgewater - 3 pocket journals (blank, ruled & quadrille), A5 ruled notebook with elasticated fastening, and Jan Constantine B5 ruled notebook - I have a smaller blue one somewhere, but I can't find it... all at less than half price
Pretty paper inside :o)
Chelsea Home hardback, hardback bird (the one with the nest), paperback bird, and butterfly "My Life" planner from Life Canvas - major savings on the Chelsea Home one (70%+ savings) 
Bird nest top and Chelsea home bottom - cute 
"My Life" planner - pretty paper and great tabs.
Top tabs - Notes, To Do, Ideas, The Best
Sample paper 1
Sample paper 2
The Best section contains 7 side tabs: Music, Books, Films, Websites and 3 blank
Super cute planner for a bargain price of £3.99 - what a find!!!

And I just had to include a little note about a stationery shop I found in Freiburg on the way back from Karlsruhe. We stopped at a shopping centre so we could grab a bite to eat and a drink, and take a little walk to stretch our legs. Imagine my delight when I saw Die Papeterie when we stepped out of the shopping centre, obviously it would have been rude not to at least have a little look (especially as I still hadn't managed to find a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook in the flesh anywhere, even though I had asked in a few places). 

Honestly, this shop was like an Aladdin's cave of stationery heaven. They had Moleskine, Leuchtturm, Lett's, Montblanc, various pretty silver stuff, washi tape and last, but definitely not least - a fabulous selection on Filofaxes (and not hidden in glass cases or anything). I had a chance to hold and open so many beautiful filos (they even had the Osterley out on the shelf). Obviously I wasn't looking to buy a new filo while I was there, and unfortunately they did have the ruled Leuchtturm notebooks in the pink or the aqua, but I couldn't leave empty-handed so got these...

Aqua blank notebook (but it comes with a ruled and a quadrille guide, so it may work for me), and a red ruled notebook (I'll definitely use it one day...)  

Leuchtturms and some pretty washi tape (along with a couple of new tins, red Zen for my Tick Tock Rooibos teabags, and the cherry blossom one for storing stickers in
I hope you enjoyed looking at my new things, I am very pleased with them.



  1. Wow love them, makes me fall in love with my Leuchtturm all over again, I actually considered ditching it for Journaling in a Filofax but think i'll stick with it. I love Emma Bridgewater notebooks, i've had my eyes on those for a while, guess where i'm off to lol. I love those planners they are great :)

    1. I am planning on starting journalling soon(ish), and as much as I love my filos I can't imagine using any of them for journalling - unless I do it as a smash book type of thing, but then I wouldn't really be journalling, more writing a few bits and then spending way too ling trying to find the perfect pictures etc to go with it. I'm going to be a bound book girl for journalling all the way - and trying to write that much with rings in the way - it's just not going to happen (or at least not until they bring out an A5 compact :o)

  2. These are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. Just the other day I bought 3-4 journals that have pretty paper with assorted designs. My immediate thought was to disassemble the journals, punch holes in the paper and use it in my personal FF. I think I'm still going to do that and you've now given me a great idea for my next blog post. Thanks!

    By the way, ever since I saw your original post about your fun paper in your FF, I've been on a quest to find something more interesting and pretty to use in mine. You're such an enabler!

    1. Glad to be of service ma'am :o)

      I'm not sure if I can bring myself to cut the pages out of these notepads as the notepads themselves are too lovely - ha ha ha!!!

      And I think if I were to do that and just add to my box of paper for filo usage my other half would probably just lose the will to live - oops!!!