Monday, 23 July 2012

101 List Progress Check - July 23rd 2012

Hi All,
Super quick check-in today as I will be out to dinner shortly – loving time off work J
Make-up daily  -              I am so good, two more days to go and it’s completed… I am amazed J
Skincare              -              I am surprised (and very pleased) to be able to say that I have managed 13 days without fail so far – go me!!!
Supplements    -              Not going as well as the other challenges as I have missed a couple of days now while I’ve been on holiday (it’s much easier when I’m at work as I can keep them on my desk as a reminder to take them). Being at work has to have some benefits, right?
Family holiday   -              Completed. We all had a fabulous week at Centerparcs and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The swimming complex is fabulous (although I somehow managed to injure myself on quite a regular basis – including bashing my coccyx rather hard going down the steep slide – in the process of which I managed to melt 3 small holes in my new swimsuit…).
Being nice for two weeks            -              OK, so not as much success as I’d have thought considering I was on holiday, but much better than I would usually be, that’s a good start. But I started again on Saturday (after the family holiday was finished) and can proudly report that by the end of today I will have managed three whole days of being nice (or at least not being horrible). I will be back at work on Wednesday ready for monthend and Cognos, so we will see what happens… fingers crossed I will be allowed to wear a gag for 10 days, and maybe boxing gloves to stop me typing my horrible thoughts on instant messaging J
Off now to prep my other posts, take a few photos and enjoy the rest of my time off.


  1. Glad you had a great family holiday :), shame about the swimsuit lol and I hope your recovering from your injuries.

    Good luck with the being nice, not sure I could manage that unless I lost my voice for two weeks and broke all my fingers lol :o

    Enjoy the rest of your time off!! :)

    1. I am seriously wondering how I can manage to keep it up for 2 weeks - I've almost managed 4 days now, but that's only been Ben & I... I am sure that when I get to work tomorrow Raffael will be dying with laughter every time he catches me fighting the urge to swear about someone :o)