Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New Arrival!!!

Woohoo!!! I have now got the wonderful pocket Ochre Malden from Lady Tammlyn - thank you!!! It was waiting for me to get to the UK and I haven’t been able to blog about it until now. I am still deciding what set-up I want and whether to separate my work stuff from my personal stuff. I have loved having all my stuff in one place (and I know it’s the sensible option), but if I don’t need to carry it round with me all the time, then is it really the best option for me…?
However, I came across two problems when I thought about this new baby:
i)                    I don’t have any pocket inserts at home as I gave them all away, so need to get a value pack of the standard ruled paper
ii)                   The ‘reason’ for purchasing this little beauty was so that I could put my iPod in the secretarial pocket at the back – it wasn’t until I put it in there and it fell out that I recalled that Steve’s post showed it being used for an iPhone, not an iPod – doh!!!
Complete with message from Ashlene

Lovely front pockets :o)

Doh!!! It's not an iPhone - muppet!!!
As I had a Saturday to myself in the UK I decided to check out all stationery haunts in Weymouth (to be fair, there aren’t many of them – although I was impressed with the selection of notepads in TK Maxx). Unfortunately the only Filofax stockist in town (WHSmith) only had the small packs of paper, and I refuse to pay that amount for 25 sheets of paper that isn’t actually that great, so I figured I would order some online… with the rubbish internet connection I have had during my holidays so far that wasn’t going to happen in time for anything to be delivered to my delivery man.
So, here we are in Karlsruhe after the Grand Prix and I mention to Ben that my iPod doesn’t stay in the pocket of my Malden – his response “Buy a cover for it, it should fit then”  - how did he get so smart (or should that be – why am I such a muppet…?).
Today was shopping day, and as we were walking through the shopping centre I spied Thalia (which also has a store near us that stocks Filofaxes), so I thought I would pop in and check out there offerings. Ben spotted the Filo stand as soon as we got through the door (he is getting good) and there they had a good selection of filos (although rather scratched) and to my surprise they also had the value packs of pocket sized paper available in lined or quadrille at 5.50 Euro, not a bad price – so obviously I got both.
I am looking forward to brightening some of these up with stickers and washi tape once I have decided exactly what I want my filos to do for me.
We then went into Media Markt to check out the iPod covers and as I couldn’t find anything special I went for a reasonably stylish black one with some rubbery bits to help it stay in the pocket of the Malden.
iPod cover with rubbery bits - ooh!!!
My purchases...
Fits like a dream - I think it's settling in for a sleep...
This post wouldn't be complete without a Malden family photo :o)


  1. I'm in a pocket Malden for the summer. How are you finding it? I'm not sure I could move so small permanently.

    1. I haven't moved into it yet... waiting to feel brave (and decide what I want to put in it)... once I'm in it I'll let you know :o)

  2. Love your Malden Family, I have my very first Malden on its way to me, A5 Ochre, cant wait :)

    1. A5 Ochre is gorgeous, I got mine for my birthday - you will ove it :o)

  3. Oh that is so cute. I only ever had one pocket filo and i sold it within days as it was far too small but now I am looking at my ipod touch in its rather old and boring black case and wondering about a pocket just to lst podcasts and audible books etc. have you got a way to add the headphones to the filofax?

    1. I hadn't thought about that part yet as I am utterly rubbish and usually forget to take my iPod and headphones with me anywhere (I can't use the in the ear type ones, so mine are pretty bulky). I will be happy just to get into the habit of using my iPod (especially as the other half, who bought it for me for Christmas, said he would buy me a new album for it every month - if I start using it I can put in my backdated claim). If I do think of a way of adding the headphones I will definitely write a post, but I can't see me thinking of anything that clever. :o)

  4. love your collection! have a malden range myself; A5 vintage pink, personal vintage pink, pocket vintage pink and A5 in grey! Gotta love 'm all! :) Good luck with your latest familiymember!

    1. Ooh - now I'm thinking about the vintage pink... Maldens are gorgeous - fat and gorgeous!!! :o)